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The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has introduced a new system of accessing information either through the Internet or the Intranet. The Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) using REDATAM + SP has been applied with the help of UNFPA to come up with a very flexible system that enables every person to have access to Census and or Survey information over the net. 
The user can easily generate information in form of Frequencies, Cross Tabs, Indicators and get output either in form of Tables, Graphs or Maps or a combination of any two or all the three options. By opening the main web page, the user will see options about the different Database Groups. Select the group of your interest and click the button. This will lead you to other sub databases that fall under the main database group selected. Select the sub database of your choice and continue to the detailed web page.
The user will find different options such as Frequencies, Cross Tabulations, Indicators, etc. By selecting any of them, you will open other pages on which you will find selection boxes for variables that will enable you to generate the required information. On the same page you will find selection boxes for the output level, such as Region and District and also the type of output.
 The generated output can be saved either in Excel format or Portable Document Format (pdf)

The link to the IMIS website will be made available in due course.

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